city ambassador


We believe Asians Between Cultures have the context, circumstances and experiences that give them the ability to understand, engage and connect with humans from different backgrounds, races and ethnics.

We are looking for City Ambassadors to help us create a sense of community, belonging and worth across the world’s major cities.

Best fit for the role

  • People interest you. You’re passionate about engaging with others - you recognise their beauty and believe in unlocking their potential. You love listening to their Stories and want them to flourish and thrive.

  • You’re curious, humble and driven. You take initiative and have the tenacity to hustle, get things done and learn continuously.

  • You’re located in the city that you’re applying for.

What you can expect

  • Grow our community in your city; inviting friends, family, pets, strangers to share or speak about their experiences growing up between cultures.

  • Propose new initiatives and create spaces for ABCs to share their stories.

  • Partner and connect with like-minded individuals to create and suggest content for our community to read or view.

Ambassador roles are voluntary, and applications will be filled on a rolling basis. If you have any question or queries, please direct them to Monique at

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