There is often tension between eastern and western influences in the lives of Asians who have grown up or spent a significant amount of time in western societies, and we often feel like parts of us are at odds with each other - whether that is choosing elements of one culture over the other, or trying to find a happy medium between both.

Generally known to mean ‘Australian or American-born Chinese’, we wanted ‘ABC’ to be a term that individuals of all Asian identities could resonate with, because not everyone who is Asian in a western society is of Chinese descent. Whether this means being born in a western society or having moved to one for school, university, or work, we feel this ‘issue’ of holding the values of two cultures within oneself - the ‘ABC’ issue - is relatable for those of all Asian descents, and thus, the term ABC - an Asian Between Cultures - was coined.

We started THE ABC ISSUE because we feel that ABCs don’t often get an opportunity to share these types of experiences with people around them. We wanted to create a space where that can happen - where cultural differences can be celebrated and understanding can be sought.

Initially launching with a collection of stories written by Asians Between Cultures from six different cities across Australia and launching globally in 2019, THE ABC ISSUE provides a platform for ABCs to share aspects of their lives and culture with a wider audience, raise awareness of their experiences, and provide a unique perspective on life as an Asian Between Cultures.