A Day In The Life Corner

Unleashing the superpower of all Asians Between Cultures.

We’re on a journey to discover what it looks like for Asians in between cultures to fully embrace, represent and harness their cultural crossroad experience between east and west. Through sharing the perspective of influencers in this space, we hope to give friends, families and the community insight and a bit of perspective of what it could look like.

We look forward to helping you unleash your full in between superpower and unpack how we can best use it to connect with people of different stories, upbringings and backgrounds.

Once you’ve prepared your responses, please submit these in the form below and send through a minimum of two high quality photos of yourself to features@theabcissue.com.

Your A Day In The Life article will be featured in an upcoming corner, any questions please direct them to the person who introduced this corner to you at the above email.

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